The blackberry plant has an erect stem with sharp spikes, dark green leaves and pinkish-white flowers. Unripe blackberries are usually green or red and later turn black, soft, juicy and shiny. They are a delicious and nutritious fruit that is very useful for health. It effectively regulates digestion, strengthens the immune system, improves memory and eyesight, controls weight, and is useful during pregnancy due to its high nutritional content. Cold-pressed blackberry juice has an extremely intense taste, sweet, slightly sour, rich in vitamins C and E, nutrients and antioxidants. It contains 100% blackberry fruits, without sugar, water, preservatives and artificial additives and colorings and is only protected by pasteurization. Blackberry juice with all its beneficial properties is a true gift from nature. NOTE: It is recommended for anemic individuals 0.1 dL to 0.5 dL half an hour before meals.
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