The juices we offer you are made from the highest quality and healthiest fruits, harvested by hand and grown in a clean environment where nature brings out the best.
Our fruit juices are prepared according to old, traditional recipes and contain no additional sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
The manufacturing method is such that valuable substances, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are preserved, which have a positive effect on the body.
They taste good, are low in calories, refreshing, invigorating and a real source of energy and health.
As such, they are more medicine than food as they directly affect immunity boosting, body hydration, and regulation of excessive metabolism, which are a prerequisite for the prevention of many disorders and health problems in the body.
They are particularly recommended for children, athletes and diabetics.
SCHMEKERS fruit juices have a refined taste, authentic colors of juicy and aromatic fruits!
In addition to the juices mentioned above, we also produce PEAR and BLACKBERRY juices. We make our juices with fructose, but also without sweeteners, such as with stevia.

SCHMEKERS JUICES “From nature with love”!
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