Our jams are a product that exudes traditional recipes and homemade production. They are made from the highest quality and healthiest fruits, hand-picked, unsprayed as well as forest fruits from the most beautiful areas. The production technology only includes pasteurization, without the addition of sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, which makes a decisive contribution to the preservation of the most important nutrients in the fruit. The structure, taste and color of our jams are a real and wonderful experience for our senses. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthen the immune system and are rich in vegetable fiber and thus have a positive effect on the metabolism and the digestive system. In addition to the jam flavors mentioned, we also produce jams from BLACK CURRANT, BLACKBERRY and CHERRY. We make our jams with fructose, without sweeteners, and with stevia. Of course, we can also produce standard jams with sugar according to customer requirements.
The best that nature and people have to offer is woven into our jams!

SCHMEKERS jams will awake memories of childhood and home !!!
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